Buccal Fat Reduction St Louis

What is a Buccal Fat Reduction?

Buccal fat is a fat pad found deep within the face and temple that helps provide shape to the face. Buccal fat reduction is a surgical procedure where a small incision is made on the inside of each cheek, and some of the fat is excised. The small incision is closed with one or two small sutures. The buccal fat can also be accessed through the face during a facelift.

Dr. Namin’s Philosophy

Buccal fat reduction has gained widespread popularity due to its ability to slim the bottom one-third of the face. Many patients have sought this procedure out with the hopes of obtaining a more aesthetically pleasing cheek contour. In patients with fullness in the lower third of their face, decreasing the buccal fat volume can improve the cheek contour and enhance facial aesthetics. If overdone, or done in poor candidates, a hollow aged appearance can result.

Buccal Fat Reduction Postoperative Recovery

If the procedure is done as a stand-alone procedure, it is typically done under local anesthesia. There is typically no external swelling or bruising. The incisions are hidden on the inside of the mouth, and typically heal without incidence. A soft diet is recommended for a few days as the incisions heal, but no other restrictions are advised.

Buccal Fat Reduction Postoperative Timeline

POD1-3 Soft diet