Forehead Reduction St Louis

What is a Forehead Reduction?

A forehead reduction is a surgical procedure that involves excising the superior part of the forehead and then advancing the hair-bearing scalp anteriorly to meet the remaining forehead skin. The scalp is secured to the underlying skull so that no tension is placed on the incision itself. The procedure is done to reduce the length of the forehead. This can be a very powerful procedure for certain patients to improve overall facial balance. The resulting incision is in the hairline. While this typically heals to an imperceptible scar, sometimes hair grafting is required to camouflage the scar.

Dr. Namin’s Philosophy

An elongated forehead is a facial feature that is bothersome to many men and women. This is a procedure typically only offered to woman due to possibility of hair loss in all men. Young women are sometime very self-conscious about this facial feature. Improving the proportion of the forehead to the remainder of the face can improve overall facial balance.

Forehead Reduction Postoperative Recovery

A compression dressing will be placed over the scalp for the first day after surgery. This is removed the day after surgery. Bruising and swelling can sometimes be seen, although this Is typically minor. Sutures are removed about one week after surgery. The incision fades with time and can usually be covered with makeup one week after surgery.

How Much Does a Forehead Reduction in St Louis Cost?

Estimate price range: $6,000 – $8,000 

Forehead Reduction Postoperative Timeline

Post Operative Day 1: Return to clinic for Dr. Namin to see you for dressing removal.

Post Operative Day 7: Return to clinic for suture removal.

Post Operative Week 2: Resume light exercise.

Post Operative Week 4: Vigorous exercise can be resumed.